Maine from Finland: Another Emil Bertell Font Masterpiece
When people in Finland create fonts based on the U.S. state of Maine, a good result might be expected based on similar inspiring characteristics. The people of these lands of firs, birches, lakes, and fresh air respect and are inspired by nature. Indeed, there are many partnerships between Finland and Maine based on their shared reverence for nature, such as this. In the collective imagination, both Finland and Maine conjure images of green and blue: forests, lakes, pristine coasts.
Prota Standard Offers Sans Serif Lettering With An Ultramodern Posture
Igor Petrovic is a typographer from Belgrade, Serbia, with a solid background in graphic design and illustration. With a masters degree in architecture, it’s little wonder why his career as a type designer has been successful. Structure and intelligent design are vital components of any great type design and Igor has a thorough understanding of typography after having worked in the industry for a number of years. Igor is the senior graphic designer at Rainy Dot and has worked as a
Pensum Pro Pairs Calligraphic Notes In A Contemporary Serif
TypeMates is a straightforward type foundry that circulates a diverse range of typefaces and also tailors exclusive type designs for small and large clientele. Operated by Nils Thomsen in Hamburg, and Jakob Runge in Munich, TypeMates attends to everything from the tiniest nuance in a logo or piece of lettering, to the design of extensive type systems. "We’re passionate about well-made letterforms delivered to the highest technical standard," they told us. Nils Thomsen always thought he'd
Telemaque FY designed by Fontyou
FONTYOU continues to impress with each new release, and this time they have come around with a lovely serif titled Telemaque FY . Télémaque FY is a contemporary didone style typeface with a lot of personality. Both rigid and elegant with its modern sharped terminals and its generous curves, this 4 weights font family will be for sure your new typographic companion for all kind of applications, from magazine covers to luxury logotypes. Its extended glyphset offers beautiful small
Download Liszt FY by FONTYOU
FONTYOU is another foundry on a roll in 2014. This month they released a few new designs, and one of those lovely releases was Liszt FY. With its friendly & sharpened shapes and its big contrasts from hairline to black, this contemporary font family will be perfect for any kind of uses, from print to screen, identities to magazines, small text to headlines. While the extremes are definitely intended to large sizes usage, the intermediate weights will be well suited to text setting at
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