Crushing Corona Collection, A Free Graphics Collection
Crushing Corona—this huge collection is free, and we are putting it out there as a gesture of unity inspired (whether we wanted it to be or not) by the difficult collective experience we've gone through together, a world united by challenge. We are winning this fight, but the memories, tragedies, and deep emotional imprint will remain with all of us for the rest of our lives. This set is fueled by the optimism, cooperation, and smarts that are getting us through this thing, and we hope
A Warm Serif Family With Calligraphic Style: Qeskile Voyage From Din Studio
Based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Donis Miftahudin established Din Studio in 2017 as an independent type foundry and studio focused on crafting type designs that meet the varied needs of graphic designers around the world. To achieve this, Din Studio pays careful attention to current market trends and this drives its projects forward. The studio has worked on a variety of letter sets in a wide range of styles that include everything from brush and signature scripts, sans serif, serif, and
Digital Planner: A Vector Illustration Collection That Celebrates Organization
Organizers are magical tools — they provide a visual representation of all the tasks we want to accomplish and let's face it, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as crossing something off of your “To-Do" list. Heck, some of us have even been known to add things we already did to our “To-Do” list, just so we can cross a line through those items and instantly feel as though we accomplished something great. (No judgment here. We’re all making our way through this world the
San Marino: A Vector Illustration Collection From Our Own Design Studio
Surrounded by the picturesque Italian countryside, the Republic of San Marino is an independent nation and one of the smallest on earth. Located in the mountains near the Adriatic Sea, San Marino is steeped in a history that dates back to the 4th century.  This small country rivals the Tuscan countryside in its beauty, and it served as the inspiration for an entire collection of vector illustrations crafted by YouWorkForThem Design Studio. San Marino is a colorful and abstract series
Fogie: A Sophisticated & Contemporary Serif Family From Din Studio
Nestled in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Din Studio was established by Donis Miftahudin in 2017. Donis is an experienced graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for type design Din Studio embraces market trends to guide its typography projects, ensuring that designers have access to the fonts they need most — right now. The studio is particularly drawn toward handcrafted display and script fonts that carry a rich personality and an undeniable sense of style. One of Din Studio’s
Belly Tags: A Vector Illustration Collection From Our Own Design Studio
Tags come in many shapes and styles, but they’re a great way to add an extra layer of visual interest to graphic design projects —particularly those with a crafty side. These days, the world is all about DIY projects and arts and crafts that carry a personal element of style and individuality.  Designed by YouWorkForThem Design Studio, Belly Tags is a collection of playfully-drawn vector illustrations that we built around the concept of tags — with a hand-drawn twist. Crafted
Danika: Modern Abstract Vector Illustrations From YouWorkForThem Design Studio
Abstract vector illustrations are a great way to add depth and personality to graphic design projects. They work well as focal points in logos or as background patterns in product package designs, websites, and mobile applications. The real beauty of abstract vector illustrations is their flexibility; they’re ideal for small-scale design projects like business cards, but they can scale upward in size as much as you need them to for large prints and even billboards. New from
Songbirds and Floral Patterns Explores The Natural World Through Vintage Illustrations
Piñata is an experimental division of TypeType, a foundry that was established in 2013 by Ivan Gladkikh and Alexander Kudryavtsev in St. Petersburg, Russia. TypeType's primary goal is to design and release high-quality fonts that suit the diverse needs of graphic designers around the world, and that same ambition extends to Piñata and its own range of fonts and graphics. Piñata offers a varied range of stylish products that are also affordable, particularly for designers who are just
Craft Infinite Mosaic Designs Easily With Tessellation Geometry Patterns
Bloomicon is a studio and marketplace established by a group of designers who specialize in crafting massive collections of conceptual icons based around themes of modern technology, business, and life. Their visual metaphors are perfect for powerpoint presentations, mobile applications, infographics, charts, videos, or web designs that require simple imagery to pack a visual punch. Bloomicon has been a successful venture because the company allows its designers to do what they love most:
Craft Concise Imagery With Monoflat Infographics Icons
Above all things, Bloomicon LTD is passionate about graphic design. A group of designers who came together with the sole purpose of creating work that they love, they regard solid design as a visual communication that balances clarity and simplicity. As graphic designers themselves, they are well experienced in the needs of those in their field. Bloomicon LTD specializes in building collections of visual metaphors for web design, mobile applications, infographics, publications, charts,
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