Lithotone Distressed Pattern Brushes for Photoshop: A Favorite from True Grit Texture Supply
Established in 2016, True Grit Texture Supply was founded by designer Andrew Fairclough as a resource that would provide graphic designers with “the best digital texturing tools money can buy.” Achieving the look of realistic texturing in design projects can be a time-consuming endeavor. Skilled in creating digital textures from real source materials, Andrew shared some of his work in the online courses he taught. After his students inquired about the retail availability of the
Create Richly Textured Shading Effects With Gouache Shader Brushes for Adobe Illustrator
When you see the word "nostalgia," what are some of the first things that come to mind? It depends on the generation you were born into, we suppose, but for many of us, midcentury design elements are among the first mental images that pop up. Things like Early American-style ranch homes with wood paneling and plaid or gingham curtains. Streamline furniture in a color that is both hideous and oddly beautiful. Pastel bathrooms with pink sinks and tubs – because once upon a time not so long
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