Create Bold, Bright, and Beautiful Instagram Stories With Neogram
Based in Sydney, Studio 2am is a collaborative design studio that focuses on creating “beautiful things” that can be used by designers and digital artists around the world. Their innovative design assets make it easy to incorporate interesting effects into any project, including gradients, distortions, and blending masks. One of their most recent releases – handpicked by YouWorkForThem – is Neogram, a tool kit that includes 10 unique and “infinitely customizable” templates
Liliana: A Sans Serif With Beautiful Cursive Script Detailing
Juan Pablo de Gregorio is a typographer and graphic designer based in Chile. He established Letritas, a foundry whose name translates to “Little Letters,” to provide graphic designers with type designs built with innovation and high functionality in mind. Juan Pablo began designing type back in 2001 using the early software and computers that were available at the university during that time. Since those “olden” days, the technology has changed considerably but the bones of good
A Modern Sans Serif For The Age Of Information: Informative From LatinoType
With more than ten years' worth of history, LatinoType is now one of the most well-known type foundries ever to emerge from Chile. Established by Miguel Hernández, Luciano Vergara, and Daniel Hernández, the foundry has a stellar reputation for releasing fonts that give graphic designers everything they're looking for in a type design. LatinoType's work ethic prizes versatility, functionality, aesthetics, and performance, ensuring that every font is measured to the highest quality standards
Isabel Condensed Spreads Joy In Youth-centric Designs
Juan Pablo de Gregorio is a Chilean typographer, graphic designer, and founder of Letritas Foundry. A man who always follows his intuition, Juan Pablo takes an innovative approach to his work, crafting ideas not yet realized by anyone else. Moved by thoughts that eventually emerge into almost tangible sensations on the screen, much of his work begins as a basic concept that transforms and captures the essence of the impression he wants to achieve through his typography. One of his
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