YWFT Wool Stencil: Ready Anywhere, Anytime, Any Weather
YWFT Wool is a rough-house, dirty stencil font that's always read to drop and give you twenty. It's the font on crates flying from a jeep into a plane's cargo hold. Its designers suggest that Wool is "raw, mean, distressed, and ready for combat." That's readily apparent. This is the font you paradrop into your project when you mean business, when you want your message to be commanding and action-inducing. The font's distressed, stencilled look give it a tough guy's wizened squint—it
Glory Culture SVG Font, New From Set Sail Studios
Based in Bristol, Sam Parrett is the designer and typographer who established Set Sail Studios, an online store and digital foundry with an emphasis on expressive handwritten type designs. With a background in graphic design centered on the music industry, Sam’s typography makes you feel something whenever you look at it — while words are conveyed through letterforms, emotions are conveyed through the architecture of the fonts themselves. Set Sail Studios’ releases are always
Jungle Land: A Brush Script That Explores The World With Childlike Wonder
Risman Ginarwan is a type designer who specializes in display and script lettering with a handcrafted approach. While his personal foundry label, Garisman Studio, offers a variety of type design styles, Risman often favors those with a strong vintage aesthetic.  His work through Garisman Studio is eclectic, offering type designs that cater to those in the market for clean, contemporary designs as well as those searching for designs with a distinctive retro flair. Regardless of theme or
Billboard Mockup VOL.2 Makes It Easy To Create Outdoor Billboard Mockups
When it comes to presenting your graphic design work to existing or potential clients, it can be hard for them to imagine that design in a real-world setting. Urban Poster Mockup is an online shop that specializes in crafting photographic mockups that make it a snap to incorporate your design work into a lifelike setting. Established in 2013, Urban Poster Mockup has been in the business of making it easy for graphic designers to display their work in a true-to-life setting. The benefit
Portland: A Quirky Reverse-Contrast Sans Serif From Emil Bertell
Emil Bertell is a multi-talented illustrator, graphic designer, and typographer based in Finland. Artistic to the core, he’s been exploring visual design since childhood — attending a children’s art school before he ever knew how to read. As time passed and he grew older, Emil enrolled in an arts-centric high school where he focused on courses in multimedia. While he was there, he began to understand just how much typography affected a visual composition overall and strived to
Whiskey Bite: Hand Drawn Lettering With Tons of Youthful Charm
Based in Seoul, Korea, Seohae Shin is a graphic artist and illustrator who specializes in hand-drawn design assets. As the owner of Paperly Studio, Seohae’s work focuses primarily on lettering, clipart, and graphics. Her work is playfully rendered with a lot of personality and she adores what she does.  While she lives to create, she also loves to inspire others to let their own creativity soar. One of her more recent releases through YouWorkForThem is Whiskey Bite, a cheerful and
A Rebellious Brush Script That Packs A Punch: Super Sabretooth
Set Sail Studios is notorious for crafting type designs that evoke passion and emotion in the viewer. With a clear preference for hand-painted and hand-drawn lettering, Set Sail Studios is certainly leaving its mark in the world of typography, taking three out of ten spots in our Top Ten Fonts Of 2016. Set Sail Studios is an online store established by Sam Parrett, a UK graphic designer who had spent years working in the music industry prior to pursuing a full time career in type design.
Mensrea: A Style Bundle That Captures The Essence Of Urban Life
Michael Parson is the man behind Typogama Digital Type Foundry in Geneva, Switzerland. Life is pretty much known for taking people in rather unexpected directions from time to time, something that Michael experienced firsthand when he found his way into typography as a career. He had always been a graphic designer first and foremost, working without a computer during his earliest years in the profession. He spent time drawing letterforms on paper for logos and flyers, but never actually gave
BLKBK Foundry’s Soulful, Expressive Letter Sets
Winnipeg, Manitoba is home to BLKBK, a studio created by Derek Campbell and Justin Graefer in 2013. Their work lies predominantly in lettering, type design, brand identity, art direction, and graphic design. Inspired by vinyl artwork from the 70s era, VHS covers from the 80s, hip-hop, and traditionally hand-painted signage, their portfolio is steeped in texture and spirit, capturing decades of character -- all in one convenient place. Considering their sources of inspiration, BLKBK
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