The Ultimate Humanist Typeface for 2022
Regarding the stellar Centrale Sans Pro, Typedepot states, "finally we are ready to end this five-year journey and present you the typeface as we have always intended it to be." Centrale Sans is "a humanist typeface incorporating elements from the more rationally constructed grotesque fonts. Its characteristics are relatively large x-height and open apertures. The overall effect suggests approachability without the sentimentality carried by some of the more authentic humanist designs.
Thirsty Soft: Warm Vintage Appeal in a Classic Cursive Script
Yellow Design Studio is one of the most notable sources of vintage-style typography available on YouWorkForThem. Their designs have been licensed by many international brands over the years, including Dr Pepper, Corona, Modelo, and Yuengling, just to name a few. What began as a print and web design business in 2004 eventually shifted toward a collaborative studio established, owned, and operated by Ryan and Rena Martinson. Yellow Design Studio features the fine artwork crafted by Rena
A Superfamily Of Contemporary Slab Serifs: Schnebel Slab
URW is one of the most notable (if not the most notable) type foundries in the world. The original iteration of URW, which began as Unternehmensberatung Rubow Weber, was established all the way back in 1972. Over the years that have passed since, the Hamburg-based company has remained at the forefront of type design and digital font technology. As the developers of the IKARUS type design and production software, which has been licensed by foundries throughout the world, URW is an absolute
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