Thirsty Rough

Thirsty Script Rough Brings Artisanal Flavor to Tofurky Products
Since 1980, Tofurky has been crafting and selling food products made from organic soy products like tofu and whole soybeans, sourced from organic, non-GMO growers, and everything is checked by a third-party inspector to ensure that their raw soy is native and 100% GMO-free. It was important to them when they re-branded in 2016 that they choose a font that showcased their attention to detail and organic nature, and Thirsty Rough from Yellow Design Studio proved to be the perfect
Thirsty Scripts Inspire Consumers To Eat, Drink, And Be Merry
Food marketing is a multibillion-dollar business, in no small part due to the fact that everybody in the world has to eat at some time or another. Every single day, consumers are influenced by intelligent marketing strategies which rely heavily on the visual design elements of a product's packaging. Consider how many times you've walked down the aisle of a grocery store, searching the shelves for sustenance but not quite knowing exactly what you're looking for until the moment you spot a
The Texture Set by Yellow Design Studio
Recently, we worked with Yellow Design Studio to put together this unique and great collection of popular distressed font designs. The Texture Set contains 39 fonts from 4 different font families, discounted 40% off the regular prices. Fonts families included are: Veneer, Thirsty Rough, Magesta Script, and Anodyne. Buying all of these fonts individually would cost you $550. Buy them all today in this collection for only $92, a savings of
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