thirsty script

Melitta Licenses Thirsty Script Font for Corporate Broadcast Use
Melitta is synonymous with making great coffee, as no single company is so deeply ingrained with coffee's story and how to make the world's finest black gold. Melitta is named after Melitta Brentz who invented the paper coffee filter system in 1908. Annoyed with grounds in her cup, Melitta developed her first filter with a page from her son's notebook. Soon all her friends were brewing their coffee with Melitta's filter, and she filed the patent in the Imperial Patent Office in Berlin. Today,
Harrah’s Fulton Street Licenses Thirsty Script Through YouWorkForThem
Located in the heart of Harrah’s Las Vegas, Fulton Street Food Hall is a “chef-driven marketplace” that offers a variety of freshly-made food selections to hotel guests and casino visitors. No matter what you’re craving – noodles, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, or even sushi – you’ll find it at Fulton Street. The food hall offers a casual ambiance with a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere that blends a contemporary dining setting with familiar vintage-inspired signage, made
Post Consumer Brands Licenses Two Yellow Design Studio Letter Sets Through YouWorkForThem
Originally founded in 1895 as Postum Cereals, Post Consumer Brands manufactures some of the most well known hot and cold breakfast cereals available on the market today. When Post rebranded their popular Better Oats products at the beginning of 2018 as part of their “New Year, New Look” campaign, they licensed the use of Yellow Design Studio’s Sant’Elia through YouWorkForThem. Sant’Elia Script is a contemporary script with an organic and friendly elegance – a perfect choice
Now That’s Convenient: Yellow Design Studio’s Sucrose Now Starring at 7-Eleven
7-Eleven has been a leader in the convenience store space for decades, and their branding has always been bold and impactful. Their latest choice to carry that weight as their primary branding element is Yellow Design Studio’s angular font powerhouse: the unstoppable Sucrose. Throughout 7-Eleven’s more than 8,000 stores in the United States, you can see the Sucrose font welcoming you boldly on the doors, proclaiming the news of the day on the windows, and guiding you throughout the
Internationally Recognized, Delicious & Homemade Goods: IHOP, Yellow Design Studio & YWFT IHOP is to pancakes what Yellow Design Studio is to fonts: handmade, signature and recognized everywhere. When they sought to re-imagine their marketing and branding across their restaurants around the world, IHOP chose the global standard for the food and beverage space: Thirsty Script, from Yellow Design Studio. As they describe themselves, IHOP is “...your place for pancakes made just for you, like home.” Yellow Design’s infamous Thirsty Script
Thirsty Scripts Inspire Consumers To Eat, Drink, And Be Merry
Food marketing is a multibillion-dollar business, in no small part due to the fact that everybody in the world has to eat at some time or another. Every single day, consumers are influenced by intelligent marketing strategies which rely heavily on the visual design elements of a product's packaging. Consider how many times you've walked down the aisle of a grocery store, searching the shelves for sustenance but not quite knowing exactly what you're looking for until the moment you spot a
The Inspiration Behind the Popular Yellow Design Studio Fonts
Used in advertising project around the world, the typography of Yellow Design Studio has become a sensation through their distressed and retro style fonts. Yellow Design Studio founders Ryan and Rena Martinson started their business out of Madison, Wisconsin in 2004, but within a couple years it evolved into a type design and fine arts studio as Rena poured herself into her artwork and Ryan focused on creating fonts. Together, they managed to form one of the most successful type design
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