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Exploring The Bones of Typography: Part One
Typographic terms can seem downright confusing when you don't know exactly what they mean, so we thought it would be fun to do a three-part series that really digs into the bones of typography. Through a little digital archeology, we're going to explore the structure of letters and drop a little useful knowledge on the subject of typography. We hope that this guide will help laymen to better understand a bit about type design, and it might even help those aspiring typographers who aren't sure
Archeron Pro Revisits Neo-Classical Style Through High Contrast Serifs
Olivier Gourvat is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in just about every graphic design discipline including illustration and 3D illustration, motion graphics, advertising, branding, and typography. Olivier grew up surrounded by the visual arts. The son of a sign painter, he spent his childhood “surrounded by billboards, signs, and hand-painted letters.” The apple didn’t fall very far from the tree, with Olivier naturally gravitating toward a similar field. He learned
Multiple: A Multifaceted Sans And Slab Superfamily From LatinoType
Established in 2007, LatinoType was founded by Miguel Hernández, who was later joined by Daniel Hernández and Luciano Vergara. What began as Chile's first digital type foundry has grown into one of the most well-recognized names in type design, and specifically South American type design. The foundry's deeply-rooted South American cultural influences make their way into every type design they release, balancing contemporary design aesthetics with a high degree of versatility and
A Sans Serif That Balances Geometric And Humanist Influence: Axios From Untype
Over the last decade, South America has become home to a number of incredibly successful type foundries. One such foundry is Untype, an independent type foundry and studio established by Sergio Leiva Whittle and Rodrigo López Fuentes in 2017. Based in Santiago, Chile, Untype focuses on crafting typefaces that are not only well-designed but provide designers with extensive multilingual support and versatility through OpenType features. When it comes to the needs of contemporary graphic
Clear Legibility In A Sans Serif From Kostic Type Foundry: Altivo
Kostic Type Foundry is a small, family-owned type foundry in Belgrade, Serbia. Zoran Kostic and his son, Nikola, have been working side-by-side since 2010, when Nikola made the commitment to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue typography. Zoran had worked on his first font back in 1987, designing a Cyrillic letter set during a time when  very few existed. The process of working on that type design led him to continue working on more and more Cyrillic fonts, running parallel to
Bw James: A Warm And Elegant Sans Serif, New From Branding With Type
Established in 2014 by Alberto Romanos, Branding With Type is a digital foundry that recognizes the importance of type design as one of the cornerstones of effective marketing, identity, and branding. The ability to express the "voice" of a particular company or individual through visual media rests firmly in quality designs that capture the essence of same, a concept in which Alberto's foundry excels. Branding With Type collaborates with a number of graphic designers and typographers to
Magnetic Pro Brings A Modern Edge To Classic Typewritten Monoline
A peaceful, quiet village in the South West of France is home to Mostardesign, an independent studio and type foundry established by Olivier Gourvat in 2004. His affection for typography began early in his impressionable youth, being surrounded by the hand crafted artistry found within his father's sign painting workshop. A literary artist in his own right, Olivier's father shared his knowledge and lettering techniques with his son, an education that certainly left a mark on the career Oliver
Historical Impact and Modern Application: Canada Type’s Gibson
Canada Type's Gibson font family has quickly become the one of the company's most popular products. Perfect for branding and design, Gibson's eye-catching boldness pays homage to an intrepid man and his legacy. The typeface was named by its creator Rod McDonald for his close friend and colleague John Gibson (1928-2011), and produced by Kevin King and Patrick Griffin of Toronto's Canada Type. John Gibson lived a prolific life as a typeface designer, and after his retirement in 1993, he
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