A Vintage Power Tool at Your Fingertips: Hardwear Vector Distressing Kit
True Grit Texture Supply was founded by Andrew Fairclough in 2016 as a design asset resource providing a wealth of products that make it easy for designers to add realistic textures to their projects. Back when Andrew was teaching courses online, he shared some of his own handmade textures with the class and when people later inquired about their commercial availability, the idea to establish True Grit Texture Supply was born. Busy designers understand the importance of finding ways to
Fogie: A Sophisticated & Contemporary Serif Family From Din Studio
Nestled in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Din Studio was established by Donis Miftahudin in 2017. Donis is an experienced graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for type design Din Studio embraces market trends to guide its typography projects, ensuring that designers have access to the fonts they need most — right now. The studio is particularly drawn toward handcrafted display and script fonts that carry a rich personality and an undeniable sense of style. One of Din Studio’s
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