5 Unforgettable Fonts for Logo Design
When it comes to creating the perfect logo, the font choice is central to the effect it has on the viewer. The font must convey an ambiance, mood, or message that often says more than the words represented. A logo is like a visual haiku that must communicate an enormous amount of information and a spectrum of emotions, all within a very concise design. The font you choose plays a significant role in creating a lasting impact on the viewer's mind and, as such, is one of the key elements in
How Stock Images Are Good for Your Site
You may have asked yourself, why should I use stock images? Here's a simple answer–exposure. Forbes reports that using stock images to accompany blogs, articles, or webpages increases your chances of views by 94 percent. That's nine more people for every one person who is looking at at your content without images. Graphics from YouWorkForThem are affordable and easy to search, and we offer the best catalog of curated stock graphics anywhere online, including 55,000+
WebFonts: One-time Fees vs. Subscriptions
YouWorkForThem has been licensing WebFonts for a one-time fee since 2011. However, we regularly encounter the misconception that we charge a monthly subscription fee. This has never been the case. Pay once, play forever. That's why brands like T-Mobile, Valve Software, Whole Foods and West Elm come to us for their WebFonts, because they know that one-time fees make the most sense. We've weighed the pros and cons of both models: YouWorkForThem (one-time fee) With our one-time
The World’s Tallest Typeface, Cinderblock
If prisons are built with stones of law, then powerful words indeed are built with letters of Cinderblock–the World’s Tallest Typeface. Inspired by masonry and available in eight heights–each version growing approximately 25% taller than the previous–Cinderblock is a brand new typeface designed to achieve maximum vertical coverage. The ultra-thin white spaces within the letterforms create a spatial rhythm between letters and counters, and the extreme contrast between positive and
Amsi Pro – Designed by Stawix Ruecha
Amsi Pro, designed by Bangkok-based type designer Stawix Ruecha (STAWIX), has been designed with three different widths; Normal, Narrow & Condensed. It also contains additional weights to support various usabilities ranging from Thin, XLight, Light, Regular, SemiBold, Bold, Black and Heavy. A great font for print, web and mobile applications, Khun (Mr) Ruecha has published this great new sans-serif at a mouth watering sale price. For a limited time, Amsi Pro is 90% off the
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