Glot Round: A Flared Terminal Sans Serif From Wordshape
Originating in New York but now living and working in Tokyo, Ian Lynam runs Wordshape with Thien Huynh. Wordshape is a type foundry and publisher that operates as a boutique type foundry that synthesizes the pair’s love for writing, publishing, sharing, and creating meaning. Ian discovered his love for type design when he was a teenager in the late 80s. He’d spend hours listening to punk and hardcore music, subscribing to zines that were filled to the brim with interesting
A Gaming Sans Serif With High Legibility and a Hint of Danger: Glot
Based in Tokyo, Japan, Wordshape is a hybrid type foundry and publisher. While the studio releases commercial fonts and designs bespoke letter sets for clients, it also distributes the Japanese graphic design magazine, IDEA, along with other graphic design books. Wordshape is run by Ian Lynam and Thien Huynh, and the foundry is a synthesis of their love for writing, publishing, creating meaning, and sharing.  Ian took an interest in typography from a relatively young age. As a teenager,
Clarity With A Neutral Demeanor: Biwa & Biwa Display From Wordshape
Nestled in Tokyo, Japan, Wordshape is a type foundry and publisher operated by Thien Huynh and Ian Lynam. Thien and Ian are both well versed in publication design, branding, and identity, vital skills that have helped to make Wordshape successful as a boutique type foundry. They offer a number of commercial fonts and also craft bespoke type designs for clients around the world, including notable corporations like Conde Nast, Adidas, Nike, Nike Skateboarding, The WB, and Boeing. Wordshape is
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