House of Burvo

House of Burvo
HouseOfBurvo started as a portfolio website for my degree and personal work, but now is fully focused on developing and distributing original fonts. A lot of my early work was experiments into lettering, attempting to decipher the basics of a latin alphabet and what made letters 'tick'. These experiments led to attempts to refine and develop more useful, comprehensive fonts and lettering systems that I continue to build on today. I'm now much more fluent in lettering, and concentrate my efforts on developing fonts that aim to be much more than a bunch of beautiful letters.
House of Burvo has contributed 9 products.
Font Designer Ranking: 222
Highest Rank Achieved: 98
Big Softie
Neue Konstrukteur Round
Neue Konstrukteur Square
NK_Fracht Round
NK_Fracht Square
Poster Hand
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