Sean Foyle is a seasoned 3D artist/animator who has been polishing pixels since the days of the 14.4 modem. After receiving an MFA in Art & Technology from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1999 via his work as a founding member of NPFC, Foyle went on to work in various capacities throughout the commercial and entertainment 3D world. He can currently be found in the great city of Chicago, where he sharpens his CG skills by maintaining the 10-years-running experimental animation portfolio and by indulging in photogrammetric studies of unusual aerial phenomena. The truth is not out there.
FOYLE has 57 Stock Art Designs Available for Download
Wireframe Waves 03
Linear Trails
Wireframe Waves 10
Wire Waves 03
Ocean Waves 04
Wire Waves 01
Ocean Waves 05
Ocean Waves 03
Fire Trails 05
Fire Trails 04
Ocean Waves 02
Fire Trails 03
Fire Trails 02
Fire Trails
Fire 07
Fire 06
Fire 05
Wireframe Waves 09
Ocean Waves 06
Wire Waves 02
Ocean Waves 03
Ocean Waves 02
Ocean Waves
Op 02
Wireframe Waves 08
Wireframe Waves 07
Wireframe Waves 06
Ocean Waves 08
Ocean Waves 07
Fire 04
Fire 03
Radial Pattern 02
Radial Pattern
Op 06
Op 05
Op 04
Op 03
OP 01
Circular Trails
Ocean Waves
Blue Waves
Radial Pattern 03
Op 07
Op 08
Fire 02
Wireframe Waves 05
Wireframe Waves
Wireframe Waves 04
Wireframe Waves 02
Radial Pattern 06
Radial Pattern 05
Radial Pattern 04
Op 10
Op 09
Waves Loop
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