Alan Meeks

Alan Meeks
Alan started work in 1970 for Graphic Systems as a lettering artist. In 1975, he joined Letraset as the Senior Type Designer and Studio Manager where he was responsible for all the artwork produced by the Letraset studio. During his tenure at Letraset, he designed over 40 popular typefaces, including Bramley, Candice, Bickley and Belwe. Together with type director Colin Brignall, Alan turned Letraset into one of the most important and influential type foundries in the world. All the original typographic artwork produced at Letraset was produced by hand cutting the fonts in Rubylith; a highly-skilled technique known as stencil cutting. Alan was responsible for training the entire Letraset studio in this art. Most of the original Letraset artwork has now been archived by the world renowned St. Brides Printing Library, London. Today, Alan works independently, specializing in all facets of corporate identity including type design, typography, packaging, development of logos and symbols.
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