International TypeFounders introduces a brand new collection of original typefaces from ABC Types. This collection embraces all the aspects of today's modern typographic needs from classical styles to grunge and is the creation of Tony Mayers, a British type designer. Tony started his career producing film titles in London's West End where he also learned the art of photosetting. In 1979 he moved to Manchester where he formed The Quick Brown Fox Company which pioneered its way to become one of the country's leading phototypesetting resources, renowned for its creativity, leading edge technical know-how, and quality prepress services. Generation Gothic, has already proved to be very popular with leading magazines including Later, Computer Arts, Ultimate Golf and Spark Magazine. This collection introduces complementary Generation Headlines which seek attention and create impact; Generation Uncial (which isn't just for mystics and film buffs) and lends itself to a contemporary extended san serif family - Generation Gothic Condensed is a typeface in its own right, ideal for narrow columns and is available in 10 weights. The Concept Sans Series is a skillful and inventive combination of calligraphy and cut-away. There is also a complementary Concept Sans Condensed family. Both are available in 10 weights. Concept Crisis is an experiment in type. Mayers says: "Crisis, Punk, Distressed, Eclectic, Grunge" call it what you will, Concept Crisis A,B,C, and Painted are all variations on a theme. As a classically trained typographer, it was a personal challenge for me to understand and challenge this revolutionary concept. The ABC Types collection also includes a number of poster faces. Tony Mayers says, "Poster types are wonderful things in today's technological society. It's a challenge, once you take them into a drawing program and turn them into outlines. Add strokes and color schemes, even metallic and you will have a striking finish. Society has come out of the woodcut to carry its message. It is unusual because it is a mixture of caps and lowercase. That's why it's called Half Case. For good measure there is a Society Full Case. Society Half Case Angular and Society Full Case complete the set. Born in the industrial society, poster typefaces were the domain of the printer. Today's technology gives everybody the opportunity to recreate stylish posters which grab attention." Poster Gothic is a flavor of the post industrial age and is available in solid bold, double line, inline, and shadow.
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Concept Sans
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Generation Gothic
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Generation Headline
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