Si Billam

Si Billam
UNIT is a diverse graphic design practice based in Leeds, founded by Si Billam in 2010. Our work ranges from public art installations and global branding to local government, regeneration projects and music industry art direction. We have built a reputation for producing creative solutions that go beyond the traditional boundaries that graphic design is contained within. Although still in our infancy, our work has already reached across the globe as far as the US and been featured in exhibitions in Europe — most recently at a fringe event to the famous SONAR festival in Barcelona. Prior to establishing UNIT, Si was a former Senior designer with the world renowned ‘The Designers Republic’ based in Sheffield. His work ranged from rebranding MTV Italy (QOOB), creating global campaigns for Coca-Cola to projects with independent artists, record labels and architects. After his time at tDR he spent 3 years working as Senior Designer
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