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CozyFonts / Tom Nikosey
Tom Nikosey : Designer Tom has been a graphic designer since 1974. Creating Lettering, Logos and Brand Identity images along with illustrations for every industry. Record Covers, Postage Stamps, Sports Brands, Magazines, Posters and now Fonts. "Creating custom Logos and brands start with drawing letterforms the same way one approaches font design, so it was a natural for me.I love creating fonts and have several in the works." Tom's work is included in the Library of Congress. He has designed 4 SuperBowl logos, 3 Grammy Logos, Lettering engraved in the 1984 Olympic Torch, 2 USPS Postage Stamps, SD Padres branding, etc. You can see a sampling on his website.
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Aladdin Bold
Aladdin Bold Italic
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