Denis Wischniewski

Denis Wischniewski
D.W. is Bloodlet - The story starts at the end of the eighties. Punk was over long time ago, Hardcore was at it's peak. We created a scene, organized concerts at the local youth-club, started our own bands and tattooed statements on our bodies. It was always about a message, and the message became style. Who's got the coolest band t-shirt, the most sought-after (rarest) sneakers? Avid about typograpy and fanzines, I began an apprenticeship as a typographer. A step into the world of graphics. 3 years later, I was asked by a loose acquaintance, if I'd be interested in designing posters, catalogues and sleeves for vinyls for his record-label. A typical change of career with some terrible results. But it was my chance of a lifetime. 24 exciting months followed. We were drinking beer, listening to the music of The Accused, Snapcase, Refused, Slapshot and Gunshot and visualizing that sound. The boom came to an end, the company folded. I visited the School for Information-Design, and learned the basics of classic Layout- and Illustration- programmes. After various jobs at concert tours, I began as an intern at a large publishing house for magazines. Today, I am Art-Director for BIKE & FREERIDE Magazine. I make illustrations on a freelance-base for magazines as VISIONS and THE GAP. Various small record labels and fashion brands also belong to my Clientel. My greatest passion are my kids and lovely wife. All together we run our familybusiness SABRE, a small shirt brand. (married - born in 1973 - 2 kids - station wagon)
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