Kostic Type Foundry

Kostic Type Foundry
Kostic Type Foundry is located in Belgrade, Serbia. It is a small private foundry, run in cooperation between Zoran and Nikola Kostić (father and son). Zoran began making fonts in 1987 out of necessity, since his DTP studio needed PostScript Cyrilic fonts which, at the time, were being made by no one. While designing his first font, he discovered a whole new world whose beauty and complexity wove such a spell over him that he’s under its hold to this very day. He made a number of Cyrillic fonts as a counterpart to the existing Latin fonts, as well as original fonts like: Batke, Beograd, KosticSans, KosticSerif, Lapidary Capitals, Sketch, DesignerRound, Why Square (licence by Linotype) and Just Square (licence by Linotype) and about ten others, designed on the basis of Old Church Slavonic scripts (Hilandarski Ustav and Monah with 6,400 characters each). Nikola grew up playing and learning in his father’s DTP studio, where he was surrounded by the amazing world of graphic design from the late 80’s and early 90’s, a period when technological breakthroughs opened up new possibilities for everyone in the business. Naturally, he became a graphic designer. Although he’s been working (designing logotypes, packaging, etc.) for over 10 years, and in that period he worked in couple of firms and ran his own studio, only in his thirties did he find in himself the discipline needed for making fonts. In 2010 they decided to join forces and dedicate their work to type design.
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