Garamond URW Wide Regular Oblique Font

Garamond URW Wide Regular Oblique Font
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Garamond URW Wide Regular Oblique Font
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URW Garamond
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URW Garamond is a 56 font weight family published by the German type foundry URW. Garamond is the name given to a group of old-style serif typefaces named for the punch-cutter Claude Garamond. Most of the Garamond faces are more closely related to the work of a later punch-cutter, Jean Jannon. A direct relationship between Garamond's letterforms and contemporary type can be found in the Roman versions of the typefaces Adobe Garamond, Granjon, Sabon, and Stempel Garamond. Garamond's letterforms convey a sense of fluidity and consistency. Some unique characteristics in his letters are the small bowl of the a and the small eye of the e. Long extenders and top serifs have a downward slope. Garamond is considered to be among the most legible and readable serif typefaces for use in print (offline) applications. It has also been noted to be one of the most eco-friendly major fonts when it comes to ink usage.
Standard, Access All Alternates, Case Sensive Forms, Denominator, Fractions, Standard Ligatures, Localized Forms, Numerator, Ordinals, Small Caps, Superscript
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Dec 26, 2010
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Garamond URW Wide Regular Oblique
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