Alte Schwabacher D Font

Alte Schwabacher D Font
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Alte Schwabacher D Font
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Alte Schwabacher
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Schwabacher was the predominantly used typeface in Germany from about 1470 until about 1530. Schwabacher has round character forms other than Textura or Fraktur. It spread rapidly through the popular poems by Hans Sachs but even more through the Reformation. All works by Luther and other reformers were printed in Schwabacher. Gutenberg still used Black Letter handwritings (Textura) for his printings, but these styles were replaced by the Schwabacher typeface under the influence of the renaissance towards the end of the 15th century. Reportedly, Schwabacher was first used by Johannes Bamler for an incunabulum in 1472.
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Jan 10, 2011
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Alte Schwabacher D
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