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Katytude TT Font
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Katytude TT Font
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A wonderful calligraphic based style, Katytude is just what you would expect from Michael Clark, one of the world's foremost exponents of the art of calligraphy. The letterforms simply exude a delicate, cultured grace with a textured edge incorporated to emphasize the spontaneous pen rendered effect. Katytude has no lowercase but two sets of capital forms. The set in the capital positions on the keyboard have starburst adornments and can be considered for use mainly as initials although not inappropriate for short tracts of text either. The normal capitals found in the lowercase keyboard positions are the acceptable for longer word setting applications. The design qualities of Katytude make it a must for anything that requires a look of feminine elegance.
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Sep 23, 2011
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Katytude TT
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