P22 Mackinac Pro Book Italic Font

P22 Mackinac Pro Book Italic Font
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P22 Mackinac Pro Book Italic Font
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P22 Mackinac
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P22 Mackinac Pro (pronounced Mackinaw) is a general-purpose, utilitarian design incorporating an abundance of OpenType features: small caps, ligatures, ordinals, numerous figure options plus a few bonus goodies. Mackinac supports 56 languages using the Latin-1 & Latin Extended-A character sets. There are a total of 696 glyphs contained in the pro roman styles and 665 glyphs in the pro italic styles. When reading conditions are less than perfect- small size, cheap paper, only a momentary view- you need a clear typographic voice. You want to choose a skillful product of the type designer’s art. Mackinac Pro accomplishes the task with grace and elegance by keeping a dependably even, unhurried distribution of weights and spaces. Contrast between thick & thin is modest and proportioned the same for all fonts. Companion italics are a deft calligraphic interpretation of the overall design. A tall modern x-height enhances its usefulness for a wide variety of text and display uses; including advertising, publishing, signage and packaging. This family of four weights is of old style construction, with a diagonal weight stress. At the same time, it is a contemporary typeface of personal vision and synthesis. P22 Mackinac Pro spans four centuries of type design, bridging the Old World with the New. To acknowledge his typographic inheritance, Michigan-based designer Mike Beens searched for a name that would reference the idea of continuity. From a number of typographic influences, both conscious and subconscious, Mike admits being able to name dozens. The many sources of history in the region lend themselves to a parallel meaning. Before the coming of the French, Mackinac Island was originally a seasonal destination for tribes living on both Upper and Lower Peninsulas to gather, trade and celebrate the peaceful enjoyment of each other's company. Since 1957, a bridge has spanned the Straits of Mackinac from St. Ignace on the north shore to Mackinaw City on the south. The word Mackinac conjures a gentle, restful view. In the same way, the sweet curves and smooth transitions of P22 Mackinac Pro are as much a pleasure at display sizes as in text. Designed by Mike Beens / Case Studio, Inc.
Standard, Case Sensive Forms, Denominator, Fractions, Historical Forms, Standard Ligatures, Numerator, Oldstyle Figures, Ordinals, Stylistic Alternates, Scientific Inferiors, Small Caps, Superscript, Slashed Zero
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Oct 21, 2011
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P22 Mackinac Pro Book Italic
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