P22 Kirkwall Trim Bold Font

P22 Kirkwall Trim Bold Font
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P22 Kirkwall Trim Bold Font
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P22 Kirkwall
Copyright (c) 2010 by Torleiv Georg Sverdrup. All rights reserved.
P22 Kirkwall is an unusual and elegant design. The upper case letters have a slightly curved stem that ends in a small serif and wedge crossbars. The lower case letters have a fluid and easy design with end-hooks and long leading serifs. Kirkwall Trim and Bold Trim styles contain an alternate set of lower case characters without the long leading serifs and end-hooks. P22 Kirkwall is appealing for display work, and appropriate for short texts and headlines. From the designer: "The type design is inspired by my meeting with the people of Orkney Island and their culture, and it’s my tribute to the St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall." Kirkwall Pro OpenType features: Stylistic set 1 (ss1) access the stylistic alternate ‘g’ in all styles, a more traditional looking ‘g’. Stylistic set 2 (ss2) gives access to the serif alternates on  ‘a’ ‘d’ ‘i’ ‘l’ ‘u’ in the upright styles. Stylistic set 3 (ss3) access an alternate set of lower case in the upright style. This set of lower case is a subdued version, without the long leading serifs and the end-hooks. The alternate set is similar to the lower case letters in the single font Kirkwall Trim. Stylistic Alternates (salt), Standard Ligatures (liga), Discretionary Ligatures (ding), Fraction (frac), Denominators (dnom), Numerators (numr), Superscript (sups) - primarily for footnote indication, Scientific Inferiors (sinf) - primarily for chemical or mathematical notation. Designed by Torleiv Sverdrup.
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Dec 27, 2011
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P22 Kirkwall Trim Bold
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