Paganini Light Font

Paganini Light Font
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Paganini Light Font
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Designed in 1928 by Alessandro Butti under the direction of Raffaello Bertieri for the Nebiolo foundry, Paganini defies standard categorization. While it definitely is a classic foundry text face with obvious roots in the oldstyle of the Italian renaissance, its contrast reveals a clear underlying modern influence. In a typical Italian artistic fashion, Paganini manages to be a superb text face while having enough priceless ornamental moments to make it great in display uses as well Check out the splayed M, the wide tailed g, the flowing tail on the y, the high armed k, etcetera. While the original metal version was limited to five basic fonts, this digital expansion includes small caps in the three main upright weights, plenty of alternate forms in all fonts, a super seductive Open font, and an expanded language support covering the majority of Latin based languages.
Standard, Access All Alternates, Fractions, Historical Forms, Standard Ligatures, Localized Forms, Ordinals, Stylistic Alternates, Small Caps, Superscript
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Jan 29, 2012
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Paganini Light
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