OkojoDisplay Bold Italic Font

OkojoDisplay Bold Italic Font
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OkojoDisplay Bold Italic Font
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Okojo Display
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Okojo Display and Okojo Slab Display are geometric sans and slab serif typefaces influenced by the type designs of Paul Renner and Herb Lubalin. The typefaces are based on our Okojo and Okojo Slab family of typefaces, yet have enlarged x-heights and rounded corners for display work. (This being said, they look great when used in text settings, as well! A little style never hurt anyone!) The sans serif version has a European sensibility while the slab serif has more of a homespun American feel. Both work well on-screen as webfonts and in print as book type. Each is hinted with accuracy and kerned with precision. The lighter weights are slightly slimmer than the regular and bold weights to give the typeface more of a vertical feel, inviting readers' to rapidly read typeset text with a maximum of contrast and a minimum of optical dazzle. The entire family was given rigorous testing using Craig Mod's Bibliotype html-based book layout system for on-screen rendering checks and innumerable print proofs using actual text (not Greek) in InDesign.
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Aug 27, 2012
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OkojoDisplay Bold Italic
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