Letterstitch Script Bold Font

Letterstitch Script Bold Font
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Letterstitch Script Bold Font
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Letterstitch Script
v.1.0, Copyright (c) 19992002 TypeArt(R) Foundry Inc. All Rights Reserved. This TypeArt(R) font was designed by Lloyd Springer. "TypeArt" is a registered trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc. "Letterstitch" is a trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.
Letterstitch Script™ is a simulation of embroidered text. DIFFERENT WEIGHTS The different weights provided allow you to simulate different thread thicknesses for use in your designs, while maintaining the stitch spacing. When using these fonts with other Letterstitch™ fonts, it is recommended that you use all the fonts at the same point size so that the thread thicknesses and stitch spacings are maintained, allowing you to maintain a higher degree of realism. ALTERNATE VOWELS: A and e -- You can find an alternate "A" in the A-ring character slot (shift-option-a for Mac Users--alt-0197 for PC users). -- You can find an alternate "e" in the e-circumflex character slot (option-i + e for Mac Users--alt-0234 for PC users). OTHER ALTERNATE CHARACTERS Letterstitch Script™ has some more useful alternate characters in place of those characters which did not seem to work well in this script style: -- double L (for use when a word has two consecutive lowercase "L" characters, can be found in the characters slot usually reserved for the logical not (option-L for Mac Users--alt-0172 for PC users). -- I swash (a lowercase "L" with a swash) in the AE (AE ligature) character slot (shift-option-' for Mac Users--alt-0198 for PC users). -- beginning tail (a swashy start for lowercase characters at the beginning of words, especially useful for words starting with the lowercase "r") in the | (bar) character slot. -- end tail (a character for extending the joins) in the \ (backslash) character slot. -- Th ligature in the Œ (OE ligature) character slot (shift-option-q for Mac Users--alt-0140 for PC users). LONGER TAILS There are some instances in the Letterstitch Script™ fonts where certain letters are not actually joined together. This is because certain combinations of letters seemed too tight with the current joins. We created a special tail extension character so that in such cases, you can extend the tails to make those letters join. Simply type the backslash character "\" wherever you desire a longer tail. You can also use this character when you want to increase the space between any letters which appear to be too tight in a particular word. During testing, we found these extended tails to be particularly useful when setting words which use the following character combinations: an ev ew on ou ow ly my rn COMPANION FACES If you want a solid script font which resembles the Letterstitch Script™, please check out our Dream Lover™ family. If you are looking for some companion embroidery style fonts, please check out our Letterstitch™ and Letterstitch Plain™ families. FULL CHARACTER SET Each font in the Letterstitch Script™ family has a full character set of 242 letterforms, with all characters designed in the style of the font.
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Oct 05, 2012
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Letterstitch Script Bold
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