Miracolo BoldItalic Font

Miracolo BoldItalic Font
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Miracolo BoldItalic Font
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v.1.2, Copyright (c) 19982002 TypeArt(R) Foundry Inc. All Rights Reserved. This TypeArt(R) font was designed by Lloyd Springer. "TypeArt" is a registered trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc. "Miracolo" is a trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.
The Miracolo™ family (and its companion family Saltzburg™) are decorative fonts based on a typestyle that was in use in the late 1800s, and found in publications of the era. Our original samples came from a printed publication dated 1902, although slightly modified with the addition of new special characters and symbols. By mixing and matching characters from between these 12 fonts, you can create a wide range of lovely decorative text. COMPANION/INTERCHANGEABLE TYPEFACES The font families Miracolo™, Miracolo Deuce™, and Saltzburg™ are all companion typefaces which can be used interchangeably. As each character set is different, you will have to choose which font is most suitable for the type that you are setting, and then mix and match in order to fine-tune your text. ALTERNATE VOWELS To give you more versatility when setting vowel characters in any of the font families Miracolo™, Miracolo Deuce™, and Saltzburg™, there are numerous vowel variations which you can choose from. Aside from the basic differences in the regular vowel characters in each individual font, the Miracolo Deuce™ fonts have been stocked with numerous variations of some vowels in the accent character slots. You can quickly view all of the alternate characters in Miracolo™ by selecting "Variations" link on the website family page for Miracolo™. --- A --- The Miracolo Deuce™ fonts have 6 different alternate versions of the "A" character. Some have tails or shortened stems to make them more appropriate for beginnings or endings of words. To remove an accent from above one of these alternate letters, simply mask the accent with a box which is the same colour as the background of your page. --- E --- There are 4 alternate versions of the letter "E" in the Miracolo Deuce™ fonts. Each of the alternate "E"s (which can be found in the E-accent character slots) have less width than the regular "E" character. The E-acute and E-dieresis have crossbar heights which are aligned with the crossbar on the "F", while the E-grave and E-circumflex have crossbar heights which are aligned with the Saltzburg™ "F", in case you decide to use the shorter width "E" with those fonts as well. --- e --- In the Miracolo™ fonts you can find 2 alternate versions of the letter "e" in the e-acute (option-e + e for Mac users and Alt-0233 for PC users) and e-grave characters slots. In the Italic versions the alternate e-grave "e" (which is more curvaceous) is swapped with the skewed regular "e". There are 4 additional alternate versions of the letter "e" in the Miracolo Deuce™ fonts, which allow you to set a more Medieval looking typestyle similar to that used in many uncial fonts. For customers who have only licensed the Saltzburg™ fonts, one of these "e" versions is available in the "e-acute" character slot in the Saltzburg™ family (option-e + e for Mac users and Alt-0233 for PC users). ALTERNATE NON-VOWELS The "L" and "T" characters in the Miracolo Deuce™ fonts are less wide than those in the Miracolo™ fonts, which makes them more suitable for setting of a double-L or double-T. In the Saltzburg™ fonts you can find an alternate "n" in the "n-tilde" character slot (option-n + n for Mac users and Alt-0241 for PC users), with a tail that does not taper below the baseline. NUMBER VARIATIONS The numbers in the Miracolo Deuce™ and Saltzburg™ fonts have a slightly smaller width than those characters in the regular Miracolo™. PUNCTUATION VARIATIONS The question mark in Miracolo™ is different from the ones found in Saltzburg™ and Miracolo Deuce™. Also, the period, comma, single and double quotation marks in Miracolo™ are different from those in Saltzburg™ and Miracolo Deuce™, in that they are rounded in the former and more squared-off in both of the latter. The "st" LIGATURE To achieve the distinctive "st" ligatures, Mac users type "shift-option-v". PC users can achieve the ligatures by typing "Alt-0172". The "AT" SYMBOL In Miracolo™ the "@" symbol has been shifted vertically so that it works best with the lowercase characters, for use in e-mail addresses and the like. For best effect when setting this symbol within uppercase text, it is suggested that you shift the symbol upwards slightly. CONTRASTING ITALICS If you are using these fonts for blocks of text at smaller point sizes, and you plan to use italics to emphasize some of the text, you will find that the Saltzburg™ italics provide a much stronger contrast when used with any of the regular Miracolo™ fonts. MAC and PC FAMILY NAMES For Mac users, All 8 of the Miracolo™ fonts will appear in the same font folder, with the Deuce versions (i.e. the 2nd set versions) appearing in your suitcase folder with the word Deuce in their individual names. For PC users, the font family is divided into the 2 companion family sets called Miracolo™ and Miracolo Deuce™. SHOULD YOU ORDER THE COMPANION FAMILIES? If you did not order all of the 12 fonts in the Miracolo™, Miracolo™ Deuce and Saltzburg™ family sets, you can still license the additional families at a reduced special rate within 1 month of your initial license.
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Oct 11, 2012
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Miracolo BoldItalic
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