Niteweit Bold Font

Niteweit Bold Font
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Niteweit Bold Font
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v.1.2, Copyright (c) 19952002 TypeArt(R) Foundry Inc. All Rights Reserved. This TypeArt(R) font was designed by Lloyd Springer. "TypeArt" is a registered trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc. "Niteweit" is a trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.
This family was designed to be a companion to our Liteweit™ family, providing additional weights for different design applications. The name Niteweit™ was chosen because it is a family name which will closely follow Liteweit™ (alphabetically) in any font menu, and for the reason that because the name is so similar, it is easily recognizable as a derivative family. The "Nite" in Niteweit™ indicates that the fonts are of a "darker" weight. SUGGESTIONS FOR USING THE FONTS The Niteweit™ fonts set with particular beauty when set in all caps, perfect for use in headlines or pull quotes. A COMPANION FAMILY If you would like a companion family for the Niteweit™ fonts, which have lighter character weights, the 4-font Liteweit™ is what you are looking for. You can license both families together at a reduced special rate. FULL CHARACTER SET Each font in the Liteweit™ family has a full character set of 232+ letterforms, with all characters designed in the style of the font.
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Oct 11, 2012
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Niteweit Bold
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