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Steelyard Font
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v.1.1, Copyright (c) 19982002 TypeArt(R) Foundry Inc. All Rights Reserved. This TypeArt(R) font was designed by Lloyd Springer. "TypeArt" is a registered trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc. "Steelyard" is a trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.
Steelyard™ is a design based on an old type style found on a hotel luggage label from the early 20th century. THE GOOD STRESS As the lettering on old luggage labels (on which these fonts designs were based) was often done by hand, this font family has been designed with a deliberate attempt to maintain that slightly flawed hand-drawn element, which gives the characters a pleasing stress which would have been lost if the characters had been overly cleaned up. Inconsistancies in the character outlines and slightly skewed or distorted letters give these fonts a vibrant quality which we hope you will appreciate. ALTERNATE CHARACTERS All of the Steelyard™ alphabetical characters are uppercase, but there are different versions of the letters in each of the upper and lowercase character slots. While some of the differences are rather subtle, there are some notable differences, particularly in the A, B, C, G, K, M, P, Q, R, S and Z. When setting these letters, in particular, you might want to experiment with each version to determine which produces the most pleasing result. Because some letter versions will look better in some word configurations, it is up to you to select which versions of each letter will be used in a given word. Headlines and short phrases will look best if the first letter is one with a longer descender (i.e. the uppercase A,C,R or S) and if it ends in one of those letters as well, using the "lowercase" versions of those letters in between. There are also alternate "S" characters in the S-caron slots, allowing for additional "SS" configurations. ADDITIONAL ALTERNATE VOWELS There are also 2 alternate As in the A-ring and a-ring character slots, and the O-acute has a version of the O without the little chunk missing from the side of it. INLINE COUNTERS The Steelyard™-Counters fonts allow you to apply a colour to the inline portions of your text (i.e. the hollow portions of the letters which surround the regular character counters). Simply make a copy of any text block and paste it directly on top of its duplicate. Select the text in the bottom copy and change it to Steelyard™-Counters, and then change the text in the top copy to the regular Steelyard™ font. The weight of the inline counters has been enlarged slightly to create a comfortable trap for such applications. For Mac users, the Steelyard™-Counters fonts are linked to the regular fonts as if they were the bold fonts (i.e. you could use the BOLD button in your page layout software to automatically select the counters). The Steelyard™-Counters fonts are not intended for use on their own as outlines are not evenly weighted and appear distorted in spots. If you choose to use them as a solid version of the fonts, you will have to tighten the tracking of the characters which will appear very loose when set without tracking. This is because the missing outlines of the regular fonts leave much more space between the individual solid letters. For the same reason, the accents above accented characters will also seem to be a little higher than they should be. Also note that applying a lot of tracking may affect some of the kerning pairs disproportionately, so some manual kerning may be necessary if you are setting the counter type at larger point sizes. FULL CHARACTER SET Each font in the Steelyard™ family has a full character set of 232+ letterforms, with all characters designed in the style of the font.
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Oct 09, 2012
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