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Nova Horst Font
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Nova Horst Font
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Nova Horst
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Nova Horst is the amplified version of Horst, a highly original font based on etchings by the extraordinary artist and printmaker Horst Janssen. Nova Horst keeps all the amazing wilderness of the original font, while enriched with sharp OpenType programming, plus a whole new set of alternates, a handy set of ornaments and loads of cool unpredictable overlapping glyphs. Now there are 5 sets of letters, 2 sets of numerals and a robust set of discretionary ligatures. OpenType functionalities now include an extremely playful Contextual Alternates feature and also Discretionary Ligatures and Stylistic Alternates. Yet, language support was also expanded. Nova Horst is an energizing blend of eccentric characters, cool OpenType features, loads of alternates and a meticulous kerning table. But be warned: as its previous version, this one is quite addictive! Quick roadmap: • All features turned off: you can choose the different letterforms stored on upper- and lowercase sets. There are no overlapping letters. • Contextual Alternates turned on: you get alternating characters from 4 sets of glyphs, with loads of overlapping letters, all managed by a carefully handcrafted kerning table. The result is a very cool random effect on glyphs distribution. • Discretionary Ligatures turned on: now some additional glyphs enter the scene. There are more than 60 ligatures glyphs which substitute pairs of letters for some extra-coolness • Stylistic Alternates turned on: access the counterless glyphs from the Stylistic Alternates set. Use each feature alone or mix them up for added boldness. Extravaganza guaranteed!
Standard, Access All Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Ornaments, Randomize, Stylistic Alternates
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Nov 26, 2012
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Nova Horst
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