Ashemore Soft Ext lack Ital Font

Ashemore Soft Ext lack Ital Font
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Ashemore Soft Ext lack Ital Font
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Ashemore Softened
Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeremy Dooley. All rights reserved.
Following the success of the Ashemore family, is became clear that a rounded version of Ashemore would be a great addition to the product line that would allow designers even more design choices Ashemore Softened’s rounder forms compliment the face well as the original font esqued straight lines The rounded terminators give the face a sense of friendliness that is unsurpassed The distinct and flamboyant style of Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts style remain, but the blunted terminators give the face a more technological and contemporary look and feel The Ashemore Softened family has a full range of six weights from thin to black and includes condensed and extended options for a total of 36 fonts The typeface also includes some unique OpenType alternates that make the superfamily even more versatile Ashemore Softened is equipped for complex professional typography, including alternates, small caps and many alternate characters The face also has a number of numeral sets, including tabular figures, fractions, old-style, lining figures and superiors and inferiors OpenType-capable applications such as Quark or the Adobe Suite can take full advantage of automatic ligatures and alternates You can find these features demonstrated in the pdf brochure Ashemore Softened also includes the glyphs to support a wide range of languages, including Central, Eastern and Western European languages In all, Ashemore Softened supports over 40 languages that use the extended Latin script, making the new addition a great choice for multi-lingual publications and packaging The original Ashemore was designed by Jeremy Dooley with production assistance from Lucas Azevedo and Marcelo Magalhaes Kerning assistance from iKern
Standard, Capitals to Small Caps, Discretionary Ligatures, Fractions, Standard Ligatures, Oldstyle Figures, Stylistic Alternates, Scientific Inferiors, Small Caps, Superscript, Swash, Titling Alternates, Tabular Figures
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Dec 09, 2012
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Ashemore Soft Ext lack Ital
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