Plural Medium Italic Font

Plural Medium Italic Font
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Plural Medium Italic Font
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Copyright (c) Ian Lynam, 2013. All rights reserved.
Plural is a contemporary, futuristic sans serif that is eminently readable on-screen and in print. It appears to be monolinear due to its hybrid geometric and humanist construction, but actually swells slightly at the curves and tapers slightly at the terminals for pronounced readability. It features a full Central and Eastern European character set and is offered in five weights: light, regular, medium, semibold and bold. These are offset by matching italic cuts of each weight to give designers more variation. The typeface also includes five weights of a retro-futuristic display face called Plural Display that bring in more idiosyncratic characters for display setting- a NASA-inspired space age "A", a decorative "double-V" treatment for the "W", a flared "M" and a whole lot more. Italic versions of Plural Display are also featured. The entire family was given rigorous testing using Craig Mod's Bibliotype html-based book layout system for on-screen rendering checks and innumerable print proofs using actual text (not Greek) in InDesign. Plural works well as display type, as well as text type both in print and on-screen. The twenty-member family is bound to be of continual use.
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Feb 14, 2013
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Plural Medium Italic
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