Vaud Display Ultra Italic Font

Vaud Display Ultra Italic Font
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Vaud Display Ultra Italic Font
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Vaud is a family of 40 weights of neutral, yet formally nuanced grotesk typefaces that takes inspiration from Helvetica, Akzidenz Grotesk, Univers and the original metal types from Switzerland, yet had a slightly larger x-height for more pronounced legibility. Each weight is designed to be highly readable in print and on-screen. The italic variations are true italics, having a single-storied italic a and have been designed for smooth, fluid reading and text-setting. Lovingly spaced and kerned, the Vaud family works equally well for text typesetting and for display design work. The entire family is comprised of a range of weights and a matching display family that features rounded terminals for large-scale display work. Sans serif fonts, no matter how neutral they feel, are ultimately formally nuanced. I wanted to add to this legacy, but bring in elements of the grotesks of the Stephenson Blake foundry to add humanizing features, creating a formal and conceptual interplay to delight the senses. Vaud appears neutral in tone, has an enlarged x-height, works great on-screen and in print. The lighter weights are slightly slimmer than the regular and bold weights to give the typeface more of a vertical feel, inviting readers' to rapidly read typeset text with a maximum of contrast and a minimum of optical dazzle. The entire family was given rigorous testing using Craig Mod's Bibliotype html-based book layout system for on-screen rendering checks and innumerable print proofs using actual text (not Greek) in InDesign. The Vaud family is hugely diverse and will work well in a variety of contexts and media.
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Mar 26, 2013
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Vaud Display Ultra Italic
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