Gentleman 1000 Black Font

Gentleman 1000 Black Font
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Gentleman 1000 Black Font
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Copyright (c) 2013 by Juraj CHRASTINA. All rights reserved.
It all started with my affection for geometric typefaces. I have always liked their unevenness. Unlike modern proportions types with quite a plain appearance, geometric typefaces tend to keep some dynamism and depth. The decision was taken: my new face should be based on the elementary forms of geometry. But some questions remained. The legibility and the friendliness of such designs. The generous x-height of Gentleman, constant throughout the family, increased the legibility and allowed a low-contrast construction even for thicker weights. While the sans-serif simplicity looks cool and modern, several subtle decorative distractions are able to enrich the design by personality and by a warm and organic feeling. Indeed, Gentleman got a few distinctive elements. The uppercase G has no bar. The letters a, d, l and p obtained outstroke terminals. A double-story a left more space to the creativity. And at the end of the endless refinements and revisions, here we are with the Gentleman family, trying to become eye-pleasing in spite of its geometric simplicity. Gentleman comes in 10 weights from hairline to black. The fonts are equipped with carefully fine-tuned kerning tables.
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Nov 13, 2013
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Gentleman 1000 Black
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