Craw Modern Bold Font

Craw Modern Bold Font
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Craw Modern Bold Font
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Craw Modern
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Designed by Freeman Craw in 1958 and released The American Typefounders Company (ATF) to compete with popular Clarendons of the time. A Clarendon (as a classification), is identified as when the serif is bracketed (the curved linking stroke between the stem and the serif). This design was first published by Robert Besley in 1845 and released by the English firm Thorowgood and Besley. In later years the design was reworked and released by many including Stephenson Blake, Monotype, and American Type Founders Company. David Berlow, of the Font Bureau, expanded that same family and released it as Belizio in 1998. Sentinel, another typeface family based on Clarendon and designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones in 2009, has been featured heavily in Barack Obama's most recent 2012 presidential campaign website advertisements. The font was used extensively by the government of the German Empire for proclamations during World War I, and was used frequently in dictionaries and headline applications. Also common in wanted posters of the American Old West.
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Nov 27, 2013
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Craw Modern Bold
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