P22 Victorian Ornaments Two Font

P22 Victorian Ornaments Two Font
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P22 Victorian Ornaments Two Font
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P22 Victorian Set
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P22 type foundry presents a font set created in conjunction with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's exhibition of Victorian-era French artist James Tissot. The fonts developed for the P22 Victorian set are based on historic typefaces dating from the late 19th century. P22 Victorian Gothic was based on a type style called 'Atlanta', a simple, expanded width, quirky, yet elegant face similar to 'Copperplate'. This new version includes several variations of letterforms between the upper and lower case positions in addition to the standard full international character set. P22 Victorian Swash was inspired by the willowy, delicate face 'Columbian', which was originally published by the MacKellar, Smiths and Jordan Co. of Philadelphia in the late 1800's. It has also been known in recent years as 'Glorietta'. The P22 version includes 'snap-on' flourishes based on the original 'Columbian' ornamental embellishment designs.(see key chart for instructions). P22 Victorian Ornaments, carefully selected from existing printed sources were organized for optimal decorative use by even the most casual desktop publisher. The Victorian Ornaments, along with their easy-to-read keycharts, make it easy for anyone to design imaginative accents for any document. The great variation and eccentricity found in Victorian-era Typography is demonstrated almost to excess in the two alphabet fonts of this set. Please note the relative size difference between Victorian Swash and Victorian Gothic. Because 'Gothic' is a rigid and expanded face it appears much larger than the condensed and flourishy 'Swash'. The capital A's in both fonts are basically the same height at any given point size, but the fonts will fit text in very different ways. Please adjust your designing accordingly.
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Apr 05, 2010
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P22 Victorian Ornaments Two
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