P22 Aglio Font

P22 Aglio Font
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P22 Aglio Font
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P22 Aglio
Copyright (c) 2013 by Kevin Kegler. Distributed Exclusively by P22 /IHOF. All rights reserved.
Aglio was developed from letterforms originally painted by muralist/artist Tanya Zabinski. Aglio maintains the character of bold brushstrokes with random gaps and marks, and there are flourishes of articulated endstrokes. This typeface merges the looseness and freedom of hand painting with a decorative artistic sensitivity. Aglio (the Italian word for garlic) has an organic construction that evokes the spirit of this most assertive culinary favorite. A special Garlic bulb character can be found in the: Mac- option-m position PC Alt-0181 As with all headline fonts and complex dingbats characters, this font is best used at larger point sizes (i.e. 48, 72, 120). Use in body text or at small point sizes on-screen may not achieve desired results. Designed by Kevin Kegler.
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Jan 16, 2012
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P22 Aglio
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