P22 Catalan Font

P22 Catalan Font
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P22 Catalan Font
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P22 Catalan
Copyright (c) 2013 by Terry Wudenbachs Werkstatt. All rights reserved.
Catalan is inspired by the influential Barcelona-area artists, Antonio Gaudi, Joán Miro, and Salvador Dali. The cognoscenti will also detect glimmers of the work of Jean Arp and Pablo Picasso. Surrealist shapes and motifs dance in this highly creative alphabet. This new design has a fresh immediacy that makes it perfect for festive occasions. As with all headline fonts and complex dingbats characters, this font is best used at larger point sizes (i.e. 48, 72, 120). Use in body text or at small point sizes on-screen may not achieve desired results. Designer Terry Wüdenbachs is a typographic designer and semi-professional snowboarder from the alpine country of Liechtenstein. Inspired by of many movements in art history (but primarily surrealism), Terry sees possibilities in incorporating references from the great masters, both classic and modern, into contemporary work. Catalan is Terry's first type design to be released to the public. Catalan is licensed for exclusive distribution through P22 type foundry Inc./International House of Fonts. PLEASE NOTE: These symbols can be freely used for most projects. Please read your software licensing agreement that is included. Commercial use of these symbols for marketable products may require an additional licensing fee. Please inquire if you have any questions. Thank you.
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Jan 16, 2012
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P22 Catalan
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