P22 Dyrynk Italic Font

P22 Dyrynk Italic Font
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P22 Dyrynk Italic Font
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P22 Dyrynk
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Dyrynkova Latinka (or Dyrynk Roman) is a text face designed in 1929 by Karel Dyrynk (1876-1949). Dyrynk, an important figure in the Czech book arts field in the early 20th century, was director of the government printing works (Státní tiskárna) and editor of the Czech journal Typografia. He also wrote two influential books: Rules of Typesetting (Pravidla sazby) and The Book Beautiful (Krásná Kniha). Dyrynk worked closely with Vojtech Preissig; the two helped define and elevate Czech book arts from a state of almost non-existence to international respect and even envy. Dyrynkova Latinka (cast for exclusive use in the Státní tiskárna) is one of several faces Dyrynk designed, although he is not primarily regarded as a type designer. Just as with Preissig, it was Dyrynk's all-encompassing involvement in all aspects of the book arts that influenced his type designs. Dyrynkova Latinka, as well as its Italic counterpart, is rather quirky, and seems to be almost hand- lettered. (Type designer and book artist, W.A. Dwiggins, neatly hand-lettered many of his book illustration captions in a similar manner.) Dyrynk's font has a warmth that makes text cast in it appear inviting and somewhat casual, but not so much so as to be overly distracting. P22 undertook the digital versions of Dyrynk Roman and Italic in an attempt to retain many, if not all, of the slight idiosyncrasies that first made it so appealing. We found source material for the font in several Czech publications. We kept many of the serifs and curves irregular to avoid making the design geometric and sterile. The original lower case "e" slants to the right even more than the digital version's (one of the few changes from the original design). The overall weight is rather thin, which makes the font very well suited for text in larger display sizes or even conversion to polymer plate for letterpress printing. An expanded OpenType version for Central European and other languages is also in progress. Special thanks for research and feedback to: Filip Blazek, Veronika Burian, Gerald, Lange, Brian Maloney, Ondrej Sturma & Tiffany Wardle. Designed by Richard Kegler.
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Jan 23, 2012
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P22 Dyrynk Italic
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