P22 Kilkenny Swash Caps Font

P22 Kilkenny Swash Caps Font
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P22 Kilkenny Swash Caps Font
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P22 Kilkenny
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Kilkenny is a decorative, Victorian-style font based on the metal type named Nymphic that was designed by Hermann Ihlenberg. Ihlenburg was born in Germany in 1843, where he studied art and worked for several German type foundries. He emigrated to the USA in 1866 and worked for the L. Johnson & Co. foundry, later MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. American Type Founders acquired this typeface when they took over the MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan foundry and Nymphic appears in the ATF catalog of 1896. For this digital version, the character set has been expanded to include accented characters, punctuation and currency symbols (and most everything you would expect to find in a digital font). The original metal font consisted of Swash Caps, Upper Case characters and a "morticed" lower case, which was raised off the baseline. This morticed form was designed to nestle inside the ornate swash caps as well as to work with the upper case. The five digital versions contained in this set are basically different configurations of these different alphabet sets, they differ as follows: Kilkenny- The original upper case with a modified lower case that has been enlarged, shifted to align along the baseline and given taller ascenders to give it a more "regular" appearance. Kilkenny Eureka- True to the original design with the "morticed" or superior lowercase forms. Kilkenny Swash- Original swash caps with the modified lower case. Kilkenny Swash Caps- Original Swash caps with the original caps as the lower case. Kilkenny Swash Eureka- Swash Caps that have been adjusted to match the weight of the original lower case forms. In addition to all of the above, the Opentype version contains additional Central European characters as well as Cyrillic characters for a total of almost 1000 glyphs. Features found in InDesign and other OpenType enabled applications via the following options: Swash (Swsh) -Applies Swash Caps Small Caps (Smcp) -Applies Swash Caps and changes lowercase to upper case Superiors (Sups) -Converts lower case to "morticed" or superior forms Title (Titl )-Applies lighter swash caps and converts lower case to morticed forms. Designed by Paul Hunt. Kilkenny is licensed exclusively to P22/IHOF.
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Jan 29, 2012
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P22 Kilkenny Swash Caps
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