P22 Mystic Reg Font

P22 Mystic Reg Font
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P22 Mystic Reg Font
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P22 Mystic Pro
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The P22 Mystic font knows all. Aside from allowing for type design in a faux eastern script, this font peers into the world of the spirits for guidance and enlightenment. Sure it has small caps and ligatures as Opentype features, but it also has a special "oracle" feature that will answer your most mystifying questions. The design was based on an actual Ouija board. Somehow the spirits became embedded into the font itself and now when a question is typed, an answer is revealed (provided the contextual alternates feature is enabled). It is not known how the otherworldly harbinger was able to integrate into Opentype scripting, but who are we mere mortals to question this power? Ask and ye shall be amazed! Only the Opentype "Pro" version offers the "magic 8 ball" feature. It also contains the small caps and old style figures as found in both TT and PS versions of the fonts. Designed by Terry Wüdenbachs.
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Dec 29, 2011
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P22 Mystic Reg
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