Nudely Regular One Font

Nudely Regular One Font
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Nudely Regular One Font
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Copyright (c) 2014 by M Fairuzulhaq aka Ve. All rights reserved.
Nudely is a geometric display font family consisting of 8 font weights. The Nudely Duo is optional of the Nudely One font, you can see the most striking difference anathomy at the 'shoulder' and arch of stem in the letters A G M Q S W a b d g h m n p q r u w 5 7. Every fonts have cahracter sets Uppercaps, Smallcaps, Numerals, Punctuations, Fractions, Currency, Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, and Diacritical Marks (Foreign Accents). The ligatures and discretionary ligatures is: fb, ff, fh, fi, fj, ffi, fk, fl, ffl, ft, fu, fv, fw, fx, fy, fti, ti, tj, tf, tfi, tt, tti, tu, tv, tw, ty. Note: Please use the program which support with Opentype features like as Adobe photoshop and Adobe illustrator to access the discretionary ligatures.
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May 18, 2014
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Nudely Regular One
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