Mineraline Ultra Font

Mineraline Ultra Font
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Mineraline Ultra Font
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Copyright (c) 2014 by Ian Clewett, Formation Type Foundry. All rights reserved.
Mineraline is inspired by the crystalline, faceted forms of minerals. This unique display typeface is made of a complex linear structure, giving the letterforms a dynamic, intricate and dimensional feel – especially suited to display use in very large sizes. The linear structure allows the line-weight of the character framework to be varied across 6 weights, to give the family a varying ‘visual’ weight, rather than altering the traditional stroke width. The result is a type style that takes up the same space, from Light to Ultra-bold. Used at smaller sizes, the type is incredibly detailed, almost woven looking. At larger display sizes the framework and bevelled joints become more obvious and striking. From the delicate Light through to the solid and angular Ultra, Mineraline is perfect to give your work a distinctive, modern and creative edge. Its multiple weights are ideally suited to work across Branding, Logo & Identity, Retail, Point of Sale, Packaging, Advertising, Fashion, Digital and Film, or any other experimental graphic and typography tasks.
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Mar 23, 2015
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Mineraline Ultra
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