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Duende Light Font
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Duende Light Font
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The hand-lettered Duende™ seeks to express a cheerful spontaneity with swashy details and playful movement of the baseline. Duende and Duende Light are rich with alternate glyphs and swash elements, the fonts also feature smart crossbars, alternate consecutive characters and expanded lowercase t crossbars when OpenType features Ligatures and Contextual Alternates are enabled. Other features include case-sensitive quotes and smart apostrophes. Duende and Duende Light are also available individually. Alternate characters Duende has an alternate for every capital letter and multiple alternate options for the lowercase including swashy terminal characters and non-connecting alternates. Also included are a few clip-on swash elements that can be used to create initial and terminal forms for the lowercase. Smart crossbars Duende uses smart crossbars for common situations, unifying Af, Aft, At, Att, Aff, tt and ff with a single crossbar automatically when the OpenType Ligature feature in on. Smart consecutive characters The Ligature feature also ensures subtle baseline variation when two lowercase characters are keyed twice in a row, as well as lowercase o connections. Contextual t crossbars Enable Contextual Alternates in your OpenType menu and Duende uses bigger t crossbars as the surrounding characters allow. Custom crossbars You can also make your own lowercase t crossbar to fit any situation combining one of the included crossbars and non-crossbar t characters (available as ‘Alternates for Current Selection’ when t is selected). Just select the crossbar you want from the glyph table to the left of one of the non-crossbar t characters and kern them together or apart to achieve the spacing that best fits your design, or use separate text elements and move them anywhere. Also included are two tt ligatures with crossbars and one without. Duende also has a few other swashy things that can be used to cross the lowercase t. Similarly, the alternate capital U, V, W, X and Y may be used with any one of the swash options available in the glyph table for those characters.
Standard, Contextual Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Standard Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates
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Apr 27, 2016
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