Semikolon Classic Bold Font

Semikolon Classic Bold Font
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Semikolon Classic Bold Font
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Optimal readability by reduced, distinct letter forms. Appropriate for 
early readers of any age in schools and other educational institutions. SemikolonPlus minimizes the risk of confusing similar characters and therefore is predestinated for the use in text blocks, work sheets, educational games et cetera. Furthermore, with its accented characters, currency signs, true fractions and other special characters, SemikolonPlus is suited for numerous typographic tasks and – thanks to its distinct letter forms - offers great readability, even in lower point sizes. SemikolonPlus is recommended by the German association of alphabetization and basic education, which uses it for adult education, reading magazines, teaching material and the own YouTube-channel. SemikolonClassic: Is the familiar font with alternative character forms. E.g. it contains the lower case double level a and g, as well as glyphs harmonically formed to the typeface. The SemikolonClassic is suitable for diverse uses in various sectors. Together or in combination SemikolonPlus and SemikolonClassic offer extensive possibilities for the layout of text material with their heavy font weights.
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May 25, 2016
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Semikolon Classic Bold
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