Royal Bavarian Fancy Font

Royal Bavarian Fancy Font
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Royal Bavarian Fancy Font
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Royal Bavarian
(c) 2004 Gert Wiescher, Wiescher-Design, Munich, Germany,
"Royal Bavarian" was commissioned by King Ludwig 1st of Bavaria round about 1834. He was probably the greatest king Bavaria ever had, but he fell in disgrace for a short affair with the famous infamous "Lola Montez" and subsequently had to resign. He died 1868 peaceful and happy in Nice on the French Riviera. I happened on an original etching of his type-guidelines for official writers of those days about 20 years ago. I always thought it was a very nice "Fraktur" (Blackletter), not a sturdy militaristic one as most of them are. Being me, I started with first tests immediately and then just forgot the font on my computer. When I was sorting out old stuff a couple of months ago I happened on the etchings once again and kept on working on and off on the letters. The "Plain" cut is pretty much like the king wanted it, the "Fancy" cut is more to my liking and very decorative.
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Jun 15, 2016
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Royal Bavarian Fancy
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