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Daiquiri Font
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Copyright (c) 2008 by \ Gert Wiescher, Wiescher-Design, Munich, Germany, www.wiescher-design.de,. All rights reserved.
"Daiquiri" is a revival of a handlettered font in two weights, from an ad for Puerto Rico Rum dating back to the forties or fifties. I found the ad on a French antique market on my last visit for Mardi Gras in Nice. The ad read “Breeze through the heat, be a Daiquiri fan”. That’s why they had this “fan” in the illustration! Did they want you to rotate like a fan when you had enough Daiquiris? Or did they just do it for that little “Jeu des mots”? Anyway I found the handlettering very pretty, so I took those few letters and made a whole font out of them. I think Daiquiri has that touch that brings those happy and uncomplicated times back when advertising was still fun. I started something like 20 years later in advertising and things had gotten more stringent. We already had to satisfy those marketing guys with their scholarly attitude. They have taken all the fun out of the job, for the creators as well as for the consumers.
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Jun 19, 2016
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