750 Latin Uncial Normal Font

750 Latin Uncial Normal Font
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750 Latin Uncial Normal Font
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750 Latin Uncial
Copyright (c) 2009 by Gilles Le Corre. All rights reserved.
This font was inspired from the Latin script used in european monasteries from circa 5th to 8th, before the Carolingian "Caroline". It was a regular script, rounded, written slowly, used mainly for specially meticulous books, with a little few of ligatures, legible, but only with lowercase. The capitals was consisting in enlarged lowercases, but here, we prefered to use two slightly different patterns. Our lowercases are a synthesis from a lot of variants (mainly from the "First Bible" of Charles The Bald), the uppercases were mainly inspired from a 700's manuscript from Fecamp's abbey (France). We have created the font as to be adapted for contemporary users, making difference between U and V, I and J, which has not any relevance for ancient Latin scribes, and naturally with Thorn, Oslash, L slash, K,W... punctuation and usual accented characters who was no more existing by the time.
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Jun 21, 2016
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750 Latin Uncial Normal
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